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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Classes! New Year! New Hope! New Life!!

Hello Beautiful Friends,

I have finally taken the plunge and started a blog/newsletter as promised! This blog ( will focus on tips and techniques for transitioning into a live and whole food lifestyle. Once a month I will offer a 7-day live and whole food menu and the rest of the month we will discuss raw food, recipes, and any questions and comments that you might have.

I encourage you to join the blog to get updates and find out about new classes, workshops, and events. I continue to be asked to speak and will be adding new classes as soon as I can figure out what days of the week to offer them.

I will be teaching basic live and whole food (raw vegan) nutrition classes with several focuses this year. The first focus will be on the emotional attachments to food and eating. The second focus will be the gentle addition of more live and whole foods into one's lifestyle. The third focus will be on transitioning into a raw lifestyle. And, the fourth focus is in preparing for a 10-day (or more) juice fast.

The first focus will be understanding our personal relationship with food, eating, dieting, and our self-image.

The second focus will be how to be gentle with oneself in transitioning away from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and more into a diet rich in live and whole food nutrition. The basics of the process, the reason for the transition and the affect on one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and support and education will be addressed.

With the third focus of moving into a raw lifestyle, I will help you go raw with menus, recipes, and support.

The fourth focus will be on preparing for juice fasts. We will explore the mindsets and emotional attachments regarding juice fasting, the physical aspects of juice fasting and the actual ways to do a juice fast. There will be the option for participating in a juice fast up to 10-days with support.

To learn more about these classes offered, please go to my blog/newsletter at or go to my website at .

The website is not updated yet, but will be soon and will hold more information.

As always you may contact me at for questions or comments. And, if you would like to be removed from this email list please let me know.

I will be less inclined to send out individual emails like this in the future, but will rely upon your active interest in this information by logging into my blog for you to receive updated information. I am looking into adding information for these classes and attendance using the Meetup formats. This will allow me to post the classes offered, times, information, etc. And, will give me more detailed information as to who will be able to attend and how many to expect. Those, too, will mean that you must join the Meetup to receive the information about these classes.

**I will soon be discontinuing the Live and Whole Food Nutritional classes with meals due to the time intensive nature of it for me. These will be transformed into the above-mentioned classes.

Okay, that's all the information for today. Please check out the blog and forward this on to your friends or others who might have interest in these classes.

Get ready, Everyone!

2010 is the year of great transformation and celebration!

It is time to love yourself and your life!
It is time to take your power and to become the healthy, whole person that you can be!
It is time to be happy, to be kind and gentle with yourself and with all others!
It is time to allow yourself to live!
It is time to accept and receive all the abundance and peace and happiness that the Creator has for you!

It is time!
Now, is the time!

Come join us. We can do this together in an atmosphere of love, kindness, and support of each other!

See you soon!
In Love and Peace,
Dr. Kat Bowie

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