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Saturday, January 2, 2010

What is a Raw Vegan?

The term "raw vegan" indicates someone who chooses to eat live and whole foods that are not heated above 118 degrees. The "vegan" term indicates that there are no dairy, eggs, meat or fish consumed.

So what does a raw vegan eat? Raw vegans eat foods that are not processed, that are in their raw, natural state, are vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Raw food does not have to mean cold food. Learning to prepare live and whole food is just like learning to prepare any food. There are techniques and tools that are used by raw vegans that are easily available to the public, such as: high speed blenders, juicers, food processors, and food dehydrators. There are many food preparation books ("cookbooks") specific to this lifestyle and many more are coming on the market every day.

One of the things that has impressed me about eating a live and whole food diet (also known as being a raw vegan), is the extraordinary flavor of the food that is prepared. Cooking can dull down the actual flavor of the ingredients. For example, marinara sauce made raw is absolutely an explosion of flavor in the mouth.

I am Southern and part of my family heritage is French. The women of my family were wonderful cooks. I have always been captivated by cooking and food. I would have been called a "foodie" not so long ago. I guess a case could be made for still calling me that. Now, however, my food interests are having so much fun focusing on live, whole, raw foods that give life to the body, energy to the spirit, and clarity to the mind.

I will explain more of the vocabulary and techniques of living a Live and Whole Food lifestyle as I continue to write for you.

Peace and good food!!
Dr. Kat

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